Agri-food Processing Plant Poultry Abattoir Registered Partnership with a seat in Uniszki-Cegielnia, 200m from the Warsaw-Gdansk route,
surrounded by a forest - is a private company established by two partners - Marek Kujawski and Andrzej Merchel in 1993.

From the beginning of its activity, the plant slaughters and butchers gallinaceous poultry of the domestic fowl species.
Slaughter animals are transported to the plant with the use of our own means of transport.

In order to adjust the Plant to the requirements of the European Union and to ensure safety of the products offered, the HACCP system
was implemented in 2004.

About 160 people are employed in the plant, the majority of which works on production posts.
The recipients of carcasses and poultry elements are shops, wholesalers and processing plants throughout Poland.

The Plant has permits to export carcasses and elements to third countries, such as:
United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Congo, Benin, Uganda and Hong Kong.

The main aim of the activity of Agri-food Processing Plant Poultry Abattoir is the production of carcasses, offal and poultry elements
(fresh and frozen) of guaranteed quality and appropriate health safety.

The safety of products offered by the company is constantly inspected through detailed supervision over the production process.