Uniszki poultry slaughterhouse

A dynamic and reliable company

How do we operate?

Modern production lines and weighing machines

Thanks to the use of modern production lines and weighing machines, we can ensure excellent quality control and optimization of the weighing process, which translates into the outstanding standard of our products.

From chick to adult chicken

We take care to ensure that our chickens are properly cared for and provided with optimal living conditions. As a result, they achieve excellent health and exceptional taste, which our customers appreciate.

Rich offer

Our poultry slaughterhouse offers a wide selection of poultry products that will satisfy diverse customer needs. Our range includes both fresh and frozen products, such as fillets, wings, pieces of chicken meat, and many more.

Poultry collection

We purchase poultry from trusted, local suppliers, taking care of the health and wellbeing of the animals. Our team of experts monitors the quality of the poultry to ensure the highest freshness and safety of our products.

Poultry export

Our poultry reaches customers around the world, thanks to an extensive logistics network. We focus on fast, safe transport and excellent storage conditions to maintain the quality of our products.

Ubojnia Uniszki

Zakład Przetwórczy Rolno-Spożywczy Ubojnia Drobiu S.J. M. Kujawski, A.Merchel, Uniszki Cegielnia 29, 06-500 Mława

NIP: 569 000 57 78



Phone: 23 654-91-18

Mail: ubojnia@ubojniauniszki.pl