We specialize in poultry collection: broiler, meat chicken and laying hen. We operate on the basis of long-term cooperation with breeders. They are our regular poultry suppliers. This ensures the highest quality raw material reaches the Polish and international market, satisfying even the most demanding customers. We also have our own broiler chicken farm. We base our production on modern breeding technology. We own flocks of the Ross 308 breeder hen. The company has its own, specialized transport for the conveyance of poultry livestock.

We specialize in purchasing poultry from regular suppliers, providing the highest quality raw material to both the Polish and international market.

We have our own broiler chicken farm based on modern technology.

Ubojnia Uniszki

Zakład Przetwórczy Rolno-Spożywczy Ubojnia Drobiu S.J. M. Kujawski, A.Merchel, Uniszki Cegielnia 29, 06-500 Mława

NIP: 569 000 57 78



Telefon: 23 654-91-18

Mail: ubojnia@ubojniauniszki.pl